BMW i3 Test Drive Program in Spokane, WA

BMW Seattle i3 Test Drive Program

Camp BMW i3 Extended Test Drive Program

The driver's seat of the i3 offers the best opportunity to see what a revolutionary and exciting product we have. While an extended test drive is the best way to provide our customers the benefits of e-mobility. Much of the i3s unique benefits as well as biggest questions can be experienced and answered over a multiple day setting.

Here are just a few important questions the program will answer:

"Does this vehicle fit my lifestyle?"
"How much range do I really need?"
"Does the BEV or REX better meet my requirements?"
"What does it feel and sound like when the REX kicks in?"
"How advantageous is "one pedal driving" in stop and go traffic?"

A few days of routine driving across various settings (commuting, errands, shopping, etc?) will provide you with a better understanding of the benefits, and learn how well the i3 could fit into your lifestyle.