Choose a BMW X Model for Your Lifestyle

It is not enough to have a vehicle. You also have to have one that is best suited for your lifestyle. While many brands make it a bit challenging to find the right vehicle, the BMW X Models are vehicles that have been designed for a wide variety of lifestyles. The different models have different features that are good for people of all walks of life.

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The BMW 3 Series Was Created with Perfection

There are many vehicles that have truly been made with perfection. The same is true with the BMW 3 Series.

The BMW 3 Series includes three separate cars, but all of them are one of a kind. They all have certain interior details like real wood framework, the rearview camera available, and an excellent navigation system. 

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Experience Power Coupled with Luxury with the BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is an elegant luxury car series that is consistently ranked in the top five among its class. Not just a looker, the BMW 7 Series provides a powerful ride with smooth and agile handling from the many engine choices. Comfortable, spacious and luxurious, the BMW 7 Series epitomizes the essence of the BMW line.

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BMW 6 Series and Crash Safety

BMW is happy to offer the 6 Series of luxury and sports sedans. Included in this list are the Alpina B6, the Gran Coupe, and the Gran Turismo. In addition to the performance that characterizes all BMW sedans, all three vehicles offer drivers enhanced safety systems designed to maximize security.

One such useful BMW 6 safety feature is the lateral support offered by the optional seat packages. These specialized seats offer sideways support as well as front and back support. 

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BMW 4 Series Overview

The new 2018 BMW 4 Series has some significant upgrades that place it in the top 10 of luxury small cars. According to ratings by US News & World Report, the 4 Series is highly ranked for its safety, interior, and performance. Drivers love the super nimble handling with all of the turbo engines, even in the base engine. However, you can upgrade to any of the higher trims for a boost in horsepower.

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Know How to Handle the Towing Work that You Need to Do

The team here at BMW of Spokane wants to make sure that you are up for any towing task that you need to take on. It is important for you to understand the basics of towing a heavy load.

Before you tow any kind of a load, take some time to inspect your vehicle, your trailer, and your load. Do a safety inspection before you get on the road. 

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Internet Everywhere with Apple CarPlay

We’ve become spoiled these days, never taking our eyes off some computer screen for more than a few minutes at a time. This causes a lot of accidents as drivers fiddle with their iPhones or Galaxies while on the road. Don’t be one of those careless, inconsiderate people – look into something like CarPlay by Apple.

Apple CarPlay is the next generation of mobile integration with modern vehicle design. 

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Spring Automotive Maintenance for a More Comfortable Drive

Spring is here, and with it you feel a renewed sense of pride in taking care of your proper ty. Not only does your home need some spring maintenance, but your vehicle will benefit from it too. At BMW of Spokane in Spokane, WA, we want you to be informed about the best ways to take care of your vehicle, including spring maintenance.

Some maintenance will keep you more comfortable as the weather heats up, and other maintenance will guard against weather-induced problems.

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Choosing Between Summer or All-Season Tires

Whether summer tires or all-season tires is better than the other is a common question with a slightly complicated answer. The differences between the two types get readily confused. Both tires have their advantages and disadvantages. We at BMW of Spokane want to help you decide which tire might be the right choice for you.

All-season tires work for all seasons, can be used when the weather is just shy above freezing, and have good traction when it's wet. 

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How to Restore Your Car’s Headlights

Nothing ruins the look or function of the headlights more than clouding. If you drive at night, then you know the importance of clear headlights. You may not even notice how difficult it is to see until you are driving at night with cloudy headlights.

There are a few ways that you can clear up cloudy headlights. If you want to get rid them for good, you may need to have them replaced. 

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