What's the Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer?

Understeering and oversteering are always issues during bad weather. You never know when your tires are going to have issues on icy roads. However, it could also be an issue with your steering fluid. You should have these checked out if you find yourself unable to control your vehicle during wide and narrow turns. With an oversteer, you are likely over-correcting, and turning your vehicle sharply inward. This can cause you to go directly into other lanes of traffic or veer off-road.

With an understeering problem, you likely weren’t able to turn your steering wheel fast enough, or you were traveling too fast, to have control over your axles. It’s important that you steer into the curve while letting up off the gas and allow your vehicle to move with the road, as you turn the wheel.

You can fix the issue with your steering and tires when you visit the service department at BMW of Spokane located in Spokane, WA.

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